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Mason Jar Exchange Program

We have an in-store mason jar exchange program to assist in your low waste efforts. 

Why mason jars: Mason jars are a versatile option when purchasing refill goods to ensure you're eliminating plastic waste, but also pretty great for so, so many reuse options. There's definitely no need to recycle them (although they are made of very highly recyclable materials); they can be used for canning, leftovers, organizing, and more! These guys are also welcomed to thrift shops with open arms as they are a hot commodity. The reuse of these jars is ages old.

How it works: If you're looking for a way to completely eliminate your packaging waste, you can bring your mason jar back to our shop for a deposit refund. The deposit on each mason jar (when purchasing goods in a new mason jar in store or online) is $2.00 and is fully refundable. We will apply the credit to your next order.

The catch: you have to wash out any and all product when you're done with it. We will not take back mason jars that haven't been properly washed out. They also must be our jars; the waterproof Harlowe Green sticker must still be on there (it's dishwasher and microwave safe; you're good to wash it and the sticker will stay on). The jars must not be damaged or cracked.

This program applies to mason jars only; we do not exchange the other styles of dispensers and packages that we sell at this time.

Why $2.00? Mason jars are less than that; they actually cost closer to $1.50? We charge $2 per jar as we do sanitize the jars and often need to replace their seals. You are welcome to skip the deposit altogether if you bring your own container in to fill, as well!

Thank you so much for your efforts to reduce your waste!