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Agave Fibre Straw Cleaners


Why consider a change: as we well know, plastic straws are adding up to excessive plastic waste. With a switch to a better straw choice, you'll need a cleaner - but then, too many of those cleaners are made of plastic fibre bristles. These agave bristle brushes can help you avoid plastic micro waste.

The product: Our drinking straw cleaners are made from agave fiber and steel - a completely plastic-free alternative to conventional nylon straw cleaning brushes. 

To use: After the agave fibers become wet, the fibers become more flexible, allowing them to be used for cleaning drinking straws of virtually any diameter. Long lasting and durable, these agave fiber drinking straw cleaners will be a great addition to your zero-waste lifestyle toolkit, but are completely plant based and fully degradable. Ensure they are allowed to dry after use.

The company: Brush with Bamboo is an amazing socially good company based in the United States. We work with them because they have USDA Biobased Certifications and FSC Bamboo Certifications, as importing bamboo made products requires supply chain transparency. These little buddies are made in India.