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Ayurvedic Vetiver + Agave Bath Scrub


Why consider a change: many bath sponges are made out of cheap plastic netting, and are not recyclable. A degradable option can help decrease your plastic waste.

The Product: The outer shell of this bath scrubber is 100% sisal (softening when wet for an exfoliating experience) and the interior is 100% vetiver root, making it fully degradable. When using in the bath, vetiver will be dispersed throughout the water for a healing experience; or, add shower gel to use as a body sponge in the shower.

Ayurveda has long praised Vetiver for its potent skin regenerating and healing properties. Vetiver is antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory. The fresh vetiver aroma in this luxurious bath scrub reinvigorates the body and mind. 

To Use: Before use, soak the scrub in hot water in your sink or in a bowl to soften the vetiver roots and sisal fiber net. This step is important because if the bath scrub is not soaked, it may be too abrasive when using on the skin. The water left over after soaking will be infused with vetiver aroma and can be used for bathing if desired. During a shower or bath, gently exfoliate the entire body in circular motions. Add liquid soap if desired. After using, squeeze water out and hang to dry. You can choose to stop using the bath scrub when the vetiver aroma dissipates over time.

This product is 100% Compostable and is made responsibly in India.