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Baking + Pastry Brushes | Low Waste Kitchen


Why consider a change: oil for baking and cooking conventionally comes packaged in aerosol spray cans. Switching to bulk refill oils or deposit glass oils is a lovely way to decrease the impact of those aerosol cans, but the application of liquid oil to a variety of applications can be more cumbersome. Baking/pastry brushes allow you to distribute oil onto baking pans, muffin tins, and more, with ease, from your bulk oils!

Pastry Brush (flat): untreated beechwood + light horsehair, 15 x 4cm

Baking Brush (round): untreated maple wood + agave bristle (vegan), 18.5cm

Made entirely of natural materials that can fully degrade in your home compost (or an industrial composting setting). 

Made transparently in Europe by heirloom brush makers, Redecker