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Bamboo + Wood Soap Trays | options


Why consider a change: soap bars provide a great alternative to many plastic packaged products in your home and personal care routine, but they can degrade quickly into a gooey mess without a tray. 

The Product: A soap dish will increase the life of any bar soap, elevating it so that it doesn't sit in a pool of excess water. Choose a natural bamboo tone or a darker stained bamboo. The open slats quickly drains away water. Use in the kitchen or bathroom.

Please Note: The stained wood soap dish may stain light-colored porous surfaces such as untreated marble or quartz. We have successfully used this on glass, granite, ceramic and porcelain counter tops and in fiberglass showers.

Product Dimensions: 4.5”x 3 1/8” 

Care Instructions: Soap can build up on the soap deck over time. Use a scrub brush to periodically clean out the grooves. In between soap bars, allow it to fully air dry on a dry towel. Wood is naturally antimicrobial, but if you need to clean your soap dish, clean with vinegar. It is not recommended to put in the dishwasher. 

Packaging: Unpackaged. Wrapped in paper for protection during shipping.