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Beeswax Food Wraps


Why consider a change: plastic wrap use can really add up, and it takes forever to degrade, especially for the amount of time it is used for. If you're looking for a very natural and reusable alternative, here's the best beeswax wraps that we've used.


The Product: Squeeze Abeego beeswax wraps around your foods and bowls, store in the fridge, and uncover the next day for fresh and alive food. Every time.

The Variety Pack: 1 small wrap (18cm x 18cm or 7" x 7"), 1 medium wrap (25cm x 25cm or 10" by 10"), 1 large wrap (33cm x 33cm or 13" x 13")

The Large Pack: 2 large wraps (33cm x 33cm or 13" x 13")

The Company: Canadian owned and made products, from a woman-owned company.