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Beeswax Wrap Refresher Bar


Why consider a change: Longevity! Our beeswax wraps are designed to last a year or more but perhaps you’ve had them for even longer! Maybe someone accidentally washed them in hot water or overtime they’ve lost their signature stick. This refresher bar can add life to your existing wraps to further decrease your waste. One refresher bar refreshes at least 10-20 wraps. 

The Product: For when your wraps aren’t just right anymore, our new refresher bar breathes life into your beeswax wraps and extends their life significantly. 

How to: Simply use any household grater to create enough shavings to lightly sprinkle over the entire wrap. Place your worn-out wrap on a sheet of parchment paper and sprinkle the grated bits over the wrap before covering with the second sheet of parchment paper. Use a hot iron to melt the wax mixture and distribute it across the wrap to all the edges. Remove the parchment paper and carefully grab two corner edges of the refreshed wrap to hold up and lightly fan until dry.

Ingredients: Canadian Beeswax, Tree Rosin, Jojoba Oil

Made by hand in Victoria, BC.

The Company: Goldilocks Goods is a small, female-owned company that makes all of their products in Canada.