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Blade Bank for Safety Razors


Why consider a change: Every year, millions of plastic razors are thrown away into landfills. Switching to a safety razor decreases a considerable amount of plastic waste, as well as the cost of shaving. Safety razor blades are stainless steel, a very highly valuable recyclable material that can be recycled over and over again. However, they can be a challenge to dispose of if you have children in the home. In the 20th century (before plastic razors), razor blade slots existed in bathroom cabinets to safely dispose of the blades (often into the hollow spaces in the wall!). This route exists to make recycling easier and safer.

The Product: This blade bank houses your spent razor blades until they can be recycled. Made of recycled tin material, this bank helps you collect them in a safer place - simply slot the spent razor blade through the opening. Once full, put the full blade bank into the recycling. Because it is all metal, it will be recycled altogether.

Each bank can hold over 50 blades, making it last at least a year or more. It can fit all types of double-edge razor blades and other barber-grade blades.

The Company: Rockwell Razors is a Canadian company.