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Brush Set | Plastic free


A set of 5 cleaning brushes made of steel with plastic-free bristles. Rather than discarding your plastic dish, straw and bottle brushes in the garbage, a shift to this set can ensure better waste outcomes. Once your brushes have ended their useful life, you can compost these bristles and recycle the metal (which is infinitely recyclable). 

The brushes can be looped together or separated for ease of use.

The brushes range in size to assist a wide range of cleaning options: water bottles of varied sized openings, vases, mason jars, baby bottles and pacifiers, beer bottles, soy sauce bottles, kettles, cans, jam jars and vessels, glass/steel straws, delicate surfaces and items, or even surfaces with tough stains (with the sisal brushes).

The sisal will not scrap stainless steel, cast iron, or enamel, but the wire can, so please take care during use (or check out our copper cloths and/or bamboo/wood brushes).

Made in Canada.