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12% Cleaning Vinegar | The Unscented Co.


This product is available for in-store refill with your own container; the options here include the container price as well.

Refill price by weight: $0.50/100g | $5/L 

The Product: This product is an all-natural cleaning vinegar - most white vinegar is only 5% acetic acid, and with each 1% increase, there is a 20 time effect of the intensity of the acetic acid and cleaning power. Versatile vinegar can be used for glass, mirrors, toys, wood surfaces, counter tops, sinks, toilets, removing soap scum, mildew stains, lime scale, home cleaning products and more as it deodorizes and eliminates odors. See our blog for ideas and recipes to integrate this tried-and-true into your cleaning repertoire to save money and the impact, while still getting a thorough clean!

Ingredients: Pure White Vinegar 12% Acetic Acid

The Company: The Unscented Company is a woman-owned Canadian company that makes its products in Canada. The Unscented Company is a certified B Corporation.