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Natural Cream Deodorant | refillery options


This product is available for in-store refill with your own container; the options here include the container price as well.

Refill price by weight: $0.40/g or $23/58g (Routine branded size container)

This listing is for a glass jar (with metal lid) refill of 2oz (~58g) or 4oz (a larger jar for home storage that you can fill other jars from) of Routine Cream deodorant. Currently, we stock Cat Lady, Dirty Hipster, Like a Boss, Maggie's Citrus Farm, Baking Soda Free Sexy Sadie + Baking Soda Free Johnny’s Cash.

Bring your jar back for refills when it’s gone to save the packaging. This item is available to refill at your doorstep - simply make a note at checkout that you will be leaving a jar out for refill.