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Charcoal Water Filtration Sticks | Unpackaged


This product is available for in-store refill with your own container; the options here will come in a paper baggie.

Refill price by weight in store: $36.25/100g (one stick is approximately 40g)

Why consider a change: Almost all water filtration systems for your fridge contain just this - charcoal - inside a specific plastic filter, packaged in plastic, for a specific plastic jug. Skip all of the plastic (as those plastic filters are also not recyclable at all) and the expense and use whatever water vessel you already have with this stick. Plus, it's just so easily degradable at the end of its life, which creates a real true zero waste option to cleaner water.

The Product: Enjoy pure-tasting water with all-natural binchotan charcoal sticks - an excellent alternative to Brita Filters and plastic cartridges that can leach chemicals over time. Unlike other charcoal sticks you can purchase online, ours comes plastic packaging free.

Binchotan is a premium activated charcoal made from 100% Ubame Oak and has been revered in Japan for centuries (since the 17th century!) as a natural air and water purifier. Binchotan possess powerful water purification properties that draw impurities out of tap water while releasing beneficial minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphate.  

This item listing is for one stick (approximately 5-7" long). These sticks come unpackaged in bulk, and when ordering online, will come inside an unbleached, compostable paper bag.

Care/Use: Upon receiving a fresh charcoal stick, rinse it with tap water and boil for 10 minutes, and then allow it to dry out for about 30 minutes. To use, drop it inside a container of water and leave for a couple hours (or simply over night). Each stick can last for approximately 4-6 months, you can compost the stick. The stick should be boiled for about 5 minutes once a month or so, and allowed to dry out for about 30 minutes.

Made in Japan