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Copper Scrub Pads | set of two


A set of two copper thread scrubbing pads, perfect for gently removing persistent dirt and buildup.

Copper thread is durable and long lasting, made from genuine copper in double layers for extra strength. These pads are excellent as a pot scrubber or for removing dirt and grime gently - powerful and effective, but without damaging surfaces.

These copper pads are made in the Netherlands by heirloom home goods makers (with plenty of transparency) by Redecker. 

Package free with the exception of a paper looped label.

Care + Use: copper scrubbers are not suitable for Teflon or other non-stick surface coatings (which we suggest a switch to stainless steel or cast iron from). Use these in wet condition only. We suggest soaking in a cleaning vinegar and water solution and using an old toothbrush to clear any debris that you wish to remove.