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Dishwashing Bar Bundle


This bundle will get you set up and goin' with low waste living in the kitchen. This set is valued at $50, so has a great cost savings.

Bundle includes:

1. Bamboo pot scraper - fully compostable at end-of-life

2. Long handle dish brush - top brush section 'pops off' from the handle and can be composted and then replaced

3. Sponge cloth - throw in the dishwasher or washer to clean this antibacterial guy - I promise you won't return to regular dish cloths after trying one of these guys - and throw in your composter after 6-7 months of use

4. Unscented Dishwashing Bar - this guy has zero packaging and zero unwanted ingredients. You can fill your sink and suds up the bar in the sink water, or wet your dish brush, scrub it on the bar, and then scrub your dish. You can replace this bar with another in future (and usually lasts a few months), or one of the extra-large bars also available.

5. Bamboo Soap Shelf - this beauty holds the bar perfectly and can be refilled in future. It is also fully compostable at the end of its long life, as well.