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Essential Oil Candles | Wildcraft


Low waste, artificial fragrance free beauties for your conscious home.

A blend of soy and coconut wax, these candles are made in Toronto by female-owned Wildcraft. It is definitely tough to find a fragrance oil free candle, and we are excited to offer these beauties. 

40 hour burn time | 8 oz | boxed with no plastics | glass and metal vessel | essential oil fragrances only

FOCUS: balsam fir and cypress warmly layer with notes of grapefruit for a deep, earthy aroma reminiscent of a forest floor after a rainfall; a grounding and comforting blend designed to evoke feelings of balance and focus.

AWAKEN: Fresh, tropical notes of lemongrass give way to playful undertones of spearmint and peppermint for an invigorating scent designed to awaken the senses; a vibrant, clean aroma that promotes energy and mental clarity.

UNWIND: Calming lavender delicately intertwines with soothing eucalyptus and bergamot for an inviting scent created to help you unwind. A subtle, tranquil aroma that inspires moments of reflection and relaxation.