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Pure Essential Oils


All of Fern + Petal's oils are sourced transparently and from an independent, Canadian shop. 100% pure oils in amber glass droppers within compostable paperboard boxes, 10mL each.

Fern & Petal bottles and handmakes every product in their Port Coquitlam facility so you can enjoy premium-quality health and wellness products that are earth-conscious and backed by safety and purity testing. Their mandate is to think first of you, and your desire to know not only where your products come from, how they're made, and what's inside, but the ecological footprint of your purchase. See sourcing notes for each oil below.

Bergamot's bright citrus aroma is your perfect go-to for an instant uplift. This refreshing top-note oil is beautiful to diffuse on its own or in a blend, elevating positive feelings and reducing stress. Bergamot also soothes, cleanses, and rejuvenates your skin. Sourced in Canada.

Cedarwood: Thrive and persevere in challenging environments, just like the towering Cedar tree. A deeply grounding base-note oil, Cedarwood creates a warm, comforting, and relaxing atmosphere reminiscent of a crackling campfire. Sourced in the USA.

Eucalyptus: Inhale the fresh, camphorous aroma of Eucalyptus, a familiar top-note oil that leaves you feeling energized and revitalized. Breathe easier with this traditionally purifying oil, opening your airways and relieving cold and cough symptoms. Sourced in China.

Frankincense: Create a relaxing and uplifting atmosphere to reduce stress and tension. Frankincense is a sweet, woody base-note oil with a warm, herbal aroma. This ancient oil has a sacred quality, bringing you a deep sense of wholeness and peace. Sourced in India.

Grapefruit: Stimulate your third eye chakras with Grapefruit, a bright citrus top-note oil that energizes the mind and boosts confidence. Inhale this fresh aroma with slight bitter undertones to improve your mood and fire up your creativity. Sourced in Mexico.

Lavender is a versatile must-have essential oil, with its soothing and familiar floral aroma that promotes deep relaxation. This top/middle-note oil eases stress and anxiety, and converts the happiness hormone serotonin into melatonin when it's inhaled as a scent. Sourced in India.

Orange: A sweet citrus aroma, Orange instantly uplifts your mood and nourishes your spirit with sunny inspiration. This top-note oil is a staple in any essential oil collection, reminding you of the gentle mist of a freshly peeled orange. Sourced in Brazil.

Patchouli: This earthy base-note oil is rich and woody with a slight musky quality. Deeply grounding and calming when inhaled, Patchouli can also be used topically to help relieve inflammation and eczema, promoting a clear, even skin complexion. Sourced in Indonesia.

Peppermint is a refreshing hybrid of Spearmint and Watermint, with an invigorating aroma you can rely on for an instant energy boost. This top-note oil is cooling, crisp and clean, helping to alleviate aches and pains, headaches and cold symptoms. Sourced in India.