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Everybody Loves the Sunshine Zinc Lotion

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Everybody Loves the Sunshine Zinc Lotion is made with 20% non-nanoparticle uncoated zinc oxide and glorious sun-loving essences distilled from plants that evolved to grow best in full sun. Providing a pure, luxurious sun-shade for days and days of summertime play, if you long for a whole day spent in the sun then this botanical canopy is just the ticket! It is the same delectable sun-harmonizing formula as Everybody Loves the Sunshine, with the addition of non-nanoparticle uncoated zinc oxide. Uncoated zinc oxide helps shield the skin as the sun’s rays beat down upon your crown.

Use: Shake Zinc Lotion gently before each use. Apply a few generous squirts to exposed skin and be extra diligent with your nose, chin and shoulders. Reapply at least every two hours and more frequently when the UV index is high and when you are sweating or swimming. Please note that healthy time in the sun, and the time to reapply this zinc formula, ranges for everyone depending on their skin type, base tan level and geographical location. If your skin starts to feel warm, you will know it is time to reapply or seek shade.

Ingredients: jojoba, coconut, seabuckthorn, zinc oxide, raspberry seed, Tamanu, schizandra, immortelle, carrot seed, Rose Otto, cape chamomile, frankincense, sandlewood, ginger, geranium, lavender, sweet thyme, turmeric, calendula, palmarosa