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Hemp Bath Mitten


Why consider a change: A plastic loofa lives a pretty long time as plastic mesh, and then an even longer time as broken up bits of plastic in the environment. Plus, it is impossible to wash and fills up with dead skin cells, making a switch to a washable option a pretty fresh change. This guy also does not have a long term impact and is a little simpler to use well, too.

The Product: This reusable exfoliating mitt is made from 100% hemp, which is biodegradable in natural conditions and one of the most sustainable fabric options that exists. It is the perfect addition to your shower to help keep your skin feeling healthy and smooth, without the plastic mesh or waste.  

These mittens come completely package free, without a tag. Machine washable.

Natural coloured mitten: 8.3" long, 4.5" wide

Tan coloured mitten: 8.3" long, 3.8" wide

Tip: Exfoliating before shaving is a crucial step that shouldn’t be skipped; it helps remove dead skin cells, excess dirt and oil, and lifts hairs slightly, preparing them to be cleanly shaved. Pair with our Safety Razor for the perfect shave or our refillery shower gels and washes for a low waste cleanse.

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