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Facial Mask Applicator | Bamboo + Silicone


Why consider a change: This option is bamboo and silicone based, eliminating the plastic bristles and waste associated with conventional brushes. Plus, it aids your facial mask in what it is trying to do - detox your skin - without the added bacteria from your hands.

The Product: Apply your face masks in an even, precise way with our new face mask applicator: the soft silicone brush head makes it easier to dip and blend, is hygienic and won’t waste the product! You also won't need to worry about adding whatever bacteria is on your hands to your facial mask/skin. 

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The handle of our Face mask applicator is crafted from bamboo, a hardy and resistant material, which is essential for beauty accessories, and it is also lightweight. Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial, which is perfect for skin care. Plus, it is a sustainable option because it regrows easily after harvest, even in damaged and poor soils - it is a great alternative to plastic.

The Company: BKind is a female owned, Canadian made small company operating out of Quebec.