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Good Juju Laundry Detergent Strips


Why consider a change: laundry jugs are always a significant source of plastic waste, with a significant amount of environmental impact from the ingredients inside. Everything inside your washer ends up washing into the environment, and a large majority of it is not biodegradable, meaning that it cannot break down in the environment on its own, as it is left to do. Read more on our blog or our social media highlight for more details.

Refill this product in store with your own container and save 5 cents per load. You can also order 1 or 2 strips to try this product out before committing to a full package or refilling.

 Made in Canada | Plastic free | Vegan | Cruelty free | Woman owned | POC owned

The Product: Our innovative laundry strip formula is super-concentrated, containing no water and requiring no plastic bottle. Each 36-strip envelope prevents one 1-litre plastic jug from entering the landfill, and results in a 94% reduction in transport-related greenhouse gas emissions, compared to liquid alternatives.

  • Pre-portioned strips contain exactly the detergent needed for one load of laundry
  • Dissolves completely in hot or cold water
  • Works in all washing machines, including HE
  • Safe for hand-washing, and for use in septic systems

Available in Summer Rain scent, Lavender Bloom scent & Unscented

The Company: Good Juju is a female, part POC owned Canadian company.