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Grease/Stain/Bathroom Dissolvable Cleaning Tablets


A note on dissolvable tablets: This type of cleaning tablet is definitely "on trend" right now when it comes to sustainable products. However, every other tablet that we could find on the market was either made with ingredients that we aren't into, artificial fragrances, or they are made overseas. It makes sense to us to import certain sustainable living products (like products made from bamboo, for example), but that carbon footprint just doesn't make sense to us. We were so excited to find this brand and offer it in our shop.

The Product: REVOLUBAR by Tanit is a sustainable home cleaning solution, responsibly sourced and transported in a compostable pack. The packaging is necessary in case of tablets breaking - it won't affect their effectiveness, but the packaging can hold the product so that the correct amount can still make it into your bottle for use. This also ensures product freshness.

Each effervescent tablet dissolves into water to create 500 ml of cleaning product in a refillable glass bottle (or a spray bottle you already have), eliminating plastic waste.

Grease + Stain: Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

Lemon + Grapefruit Scent (essential oil blend only)

> Cuts through grease, grime and calcium build up.

> Crafted with powerful natural enzymes that break down soil components into smaller pieces to eliminate them without the need to rub.

> Suited for a variety of surfaces such as ceramic, metallic sinks and appliances, tile floors and wood.

> Can be used as makeshift stain remover to vanish coffee, food or dried blood stains from clothes and other fabrics.

Also available:

All Purpose

Glass + Mirrors: ideal for glossy surfaces




To Use: 

STEP 1. Pour 500 ml of hot water into a reusable bottle
STEP 2. Insert one tablet and let it dissolve completely
STEP 3. Shake lightly before using