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Hair + Beard Wax/Pomade


Why consider a change: When you get goin' down the sustainable living path and hit the washroom, you'll see the enormous amount of plastic packaging inside. This product can replace all of those super stanky men's hair products with something that is plastic-free, handmade, effective and scented with naturally good woodsy scents that are good for you and the Earth.

2 oz | Vetiver + Spruce


This beard and hair wax brings shape to your hair, but it also conditions and nourishes the hair follicles and the skin beneath. 

DIRECTIONS warm a small amount in your hands until you reach a creamy consistency. Comb through hair or the tips of your moustache with fingers. 

Gently holds hair in place all day long and gives it an elegant, but not audacious, amount of shine. 

SCENT reminiscent of tree resin, lavender honey, summer backyards, and aftershave. (like all of our fragrances, beard wax is scented with 100% pure organic essential oil, which adapt to the oils already present in your skin and change over time, so that you do not just wear the scent, rather, it blends in with the one you already have.)

INGREDIENTS *beeswax •babassu oil •coconut oil •rosemary-infused olive oil •safflower oil vitamin e oil (non-GMO) •a blend of organic essential oils

The Company: The Willow's Bark is a small, woman-owned company; they forage for many of their ingredients and everything is handmade in Peterborough, Ontario.