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Hand Brush


Why consider a change: Most brushes in our kitchens and cleaning routines are made of plastic, and once they are finished, we have to throw them away. This begins a long, hundreds of years process of breakage down into micro plastics that now exist at all levels of the environment. These brushes are made of plant fibre.

The Product: This sweet little hand brush is so versatile - set her on the top of your dishwashing block, use her to gently scrub in a laundry stain with your stain stick or Sal's Suds, or scrub up some veggies after your grocery store trip.

This hand brush is a gentler version of our pot scrubber hand brush, and is completely made out of plant fibres. This means that any stray bristles will biodegrade and not turn into rogue micro plastics down the drain and beyond.

This hand brush can be composted at the end of its life to completely return to the earth.

Care: The best way to care for your wood brush is to ensure it can stay dry and not sit wet in between uses. She can sit on your dish block or on a tray or in a drawer; just don't leave it inside a bowl of water (etc) in the sink or she will crack and break down faster. To sanitize, set the brush inside a bowl or cut of vinegar to completely cover the bristles for a few minutes and rinse off. 

The Company: Earth + Daughter is a female owned company based in the United States.