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Handheld Dry Brush


Dry brushing is an ancient exfoliation technique that boosts circulation while removing dead skin cells. It has been shown to reduce puffiness and improve skin elasticity; revealing soft and glowy skin.

Directions: we suggest adding this ritual in prior to your shower. Start at your feet and use long strokes in an upward motion towards the heart. Carry this throughout the entire body. Use light pressure, and a few strokes per area. Shower and moisturize when finished. We suggest use 2-4 times per week.

This dry brush is durable and should last a very long time if it is hung between uses and is kept dry. At the end of this item's useful life, it can degrade naturally, as it is made of agave fibres. It can be placed in the composter and the metal interior piece can then be recycled.

This brush has no packaging; it comes in bulk, boxed, to us. Sourced from a Canadian company.