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Handmade Tree Bark Baskets | various sizes

$72.00 $140.00

Why consider a change: The group of makers crafting these beauties are women - 12 women that collaborate in a democratic manner to handmake a variety of natural goods.

The Product: These baskets are one of the most gorgeous items in our shop, hands down, and works of art in themselves. Choose from three sizes to curate a home filled with the beauty of natural fibres and textures.

These baskets have been used as baby carriers by Indigenous communities in Central Mexico stretching back to pre-Hispanic times with the tradition carrying forth today. The top strap is worn across the parent's forehead so that their babes can be carried as chores are completed.

Use these pieces as wall art, holders for lighter books or magazines, fresh flowers, fruit, cloth, etc.

Small: Approximately 28cm wide x 15cm high

Medium: Approximately 50cm wide x 30cm high

Large: Approximately 65cm wide x 35cm high

Please note: This is a natural product. Each piece is handmade and one-of-a-kind, so the shape, size and colour will vary per piece to enhance its original beauty.

Care: Wipe with a damp cloth, warm water and mild soap to clean. While a little water won’t hurt this piece, it should not be left damp for long periods, or a musty scent may occur. If this does occur, set the piece in a warm, dry place and reshape if necessary prior to.