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Headache Relief Roller


Why consider a change: avoid plastic packaging and artificial fragrance with this locally handmade product.

The Product: Headache Relief is a roller made with a powerful combination of calming essential oils and magnesium oil. It is analgesic, calming, a circulatory tonic, reduces fever, aids in cooling and as a muscle relaxant. 

Just roll onto temples and back of neck and massage into the skin. Useful for mild to medium headaches, but may not be the answer to migraines

Ingredients: *sunflower oil infused with feverfew, white willow bark, and skullcap, magnesium oil, *Japanese peppermint oil *lavender oil *chamomile oil *cajeput oil *vetiver resin {*organic}

The Company: The Willow's Bark is a woman-owned, created, and run operation in Peterborough, Ontario.