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Holiday Unpaper Towels

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Regular Price: $26

Cheeks Ahoy unpaper towels are a low waste table napkin at your holiday feast, an excellent host gift, or a festive option for everyday cleaning. These are more absorbent and useful long term than paper towels (especially after such a hard summer on Canadian forests!) without the bleach and waste. 

Pre-rolled on a sturdy 100% kraft paper tube, use with any paper towel dispenser (or opt to fold... or not fold! and place inside a basket for easy use on the counter)

Set of 8 cloths

Care: Non•Paper Towels are not pre-washed, so to fluff up the fibers and reach maximum absorbency, wash and dry a couple of times before putting them to work. Machine wash with like colours using your detergent of choice. Tumble or hang to dry. *Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets as they can decrease absorbency.

Handmade in Peterborough, Ontario