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Indoor Broom


A broom to have for the rest of your days.

Split horsehair is especially soft and therefore ideal to sweep fine dust versus synthetic fibres that will decay into micro plastics. The dense tuft made of horse's tail does not create a static charge and the bristles adapt to any surface smoothly. It effectively removes dust, sand, and dirt, leaving nothing behind. 

Handle and broom made of oiled beechwood. Broom head length is 25cm; handle length is 1.4m with a diameter of 2.4cm

Care: do not push the broom with force, but pull to conserve the hair. On occasion you may wash the broom with a castile, allowing it to air dry and then finger combing through the hairs. Please always store this broom by hanging, as it is not made of stiff synthetic fibre, to preserve it long term.

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