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Nourishing Lip Balm Tins


Why consider a change: every plastic lip balm tube ever made is part of the environment still today as plastic waste. Plus, many cheap lip balms actually work to pull moisture from your lips rather than adding it to your lips with synthetic ingredients; therefore, you'll need to continuously reapply rather than use just a bit. Not this babe. Natural oils restore and heal in a way that you can begin to feel as soon as you apply it.

The Product: A hydrating, nourishing, and soothing lip balm that protects and penetrates at the same time.

Packaged plastic-free in a metal container. All you're left once you use the tin up is a highly valuable recyclable material... or, a travel tin for cream deodorant, tooth tabs, tooth paste, or vitamins, perhaps!

All flavours/scents are crafted with pure organic essential oils and a touch of honey and then blended with nutrient rich oils that have been infused with wild and organic plant extracts.

INGREDIENTS *safflower oil ∆beeswax *rosehip oil *jojoba oil *evening primrose oil ∆comfrey *calendula *lavender buds *chamomile ∆ white willow bark ∆plantain vit e oil ∆raw honey *a blend of organic essential oils

*organic ∆wild

The Company: The Willow's Bark is a small, woman-owned company; they forage for many of their ingredients and everything is handmade in Peterborough, Ontario.