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Locally Grown Loofah | Limestone Loofah


These loofah plants are grown locally and offered as they are harvested. Limestone Loofah is a small, female-owned operation and provides these to our shop in a plastic-free/package-free manner with a very low carbon footprint compared to imported loofah products.

Loofah plants are fully degradable in your compost pile. The longer pieces are tougher in some areas and softer in others; pieces can be cut off as needed and used for a kitchen scrubber or a body sponge in the shower. The scrubber option is the tougher part of the loofah plant and has been cut into a square piece of approximately 4"x4". 

Each item is a naturally grown piece, so there is some slight variation to texture, appearance, etc.

Long: approximately 17"-20"

Medium: approximately 14-15" long

Small: approximately 10" long

Scrubbers: approximately 4" x 4"

Wrapped with a scrap of undyed Kraft paper.