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Mason Jar Lid Dispensers | pump, foam, spray


Why consider a change: Mason jar dispenser tops make the refill life a breeze to help you save a ton of plastic. Simply order your refill and swap your mason jar lid by popping it over to the fresh refill. No funnel required, durable as it gets.

Please note, jars are not included here - just each package-free topper.

We also have a stainless steel mason jar top pump dispenser selection available in another listing.

PLASTIC PUMP TOP: Available in black, these pump tops turn mason jars into dispensers for soap, lotion, hand sanitizer and more. Featuring a robust, all-plastic construction, they come with an extra-long tube that can be trimmed to fit 473mL and 1L jars. These lids fit all regular mouth jars (also called small mouth jars) for all major mason brands.

FOAM TOPS: Available in black or white, this lid converts any regular-mouth canning jar into a foaming soap dispenser. Made with BPA-free, rust-free plastic, it creates a luxurious foaming soap with a single push. Works with any liquid soap: foam dispensers reduce the overall amount of soap used, making the product last longer without sacrificing efficacy. You can combine 1 part castile and 1 part distilled water for a great foaming soap DIY to save quite a bit!

SPRAY TOPS: Available in black, these sprayer tops convert any regular mouth mason jars into multi-purpose spray bottles, to help you make your own home cleaners easily. Fits all regular mouth (also called small-mouth) canning jars (with a 2.5 inch diameter). The set comes with a spray top and an FDA silicone gasket. The sprayers can be adjusted from a fine mist to a stronger stream setting and come with an 8 inch dip tube. Simply cut the tubes to fit the jars you have on hand.

Intended for cleaning products, watering plants, and many other household uses. The wide neck of the mason jar makes it easy to fill and measure your cleaning solutions, whether you’d like to use a store-bought product or make your own mixes. Not designed for use with food.