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Menstrual Cups



The Product: Aisle menstrual cups are a reusable substitute for tampons. We've added this to our website as we are excited about the product, but also the packaging - no plastic sleeves or packaging included with this cup at all, which is why we have switched away from Diva Cup. It can hold up to 30mL or 6 tampons worth, so there is less hassle in your day to day.

Made of 100% healthcare grade silicon, it is available in two sizes, A and B. Size A is suitable for those who are new to cups or have difficulty inserting tampons; Size B is suitable for persons over age 30, have given birth, or whom might have a weaker pelvic floor.

if you're in the Cup B category, add a reusable liner for the heaviest day of your cycle or if you are nervous to try this out and worried about getting the 'fit' right.

Packaged in a paperboard box, this set includes 1 silicon menstrual cup and a cloth travel baggie

Care: After receiving the cup and after each period, sanitize this cup by washing in a mild natural soap (we recommend Castile soap) and then boiling in hot water for up to ten minutes (just make sure the full cup can be submerged in the water as to not burn on the bottom of the pot). After emptying the cup during use, you can rinse it in the sink or simply reinsert as it is.

The Company: Aisle is a rad woman-owned company that makes their products in Vancouver, BC.