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Metal Bottle Dispensers


Why consider a change: Aluminum is an infinitely recyclable material, meaning that you can be sure that if this bottle ever ends up in the waste cycle, it will surely be recycled and made into something new (compared to plastics, which have a very low recycle percentage and can only be recycled one time). 

The Product: these bottles add the durability required for long term use that can withstand a little rougher treatment than glass. They are also a great option for use in the shower if you do not want glass in the shower, but also want to avoid plastics.

500mL Pump Top: This aluminum pump-top bottle adds durability in the shower or around the home to your plastic-free journey. Order your refills and say goodbye to the plastic life.

250mL Spray Top: This bottle is perfect for bug spray, hair spray, leave in conditioner, homemade room sprays and more.