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Organic Bamboo Pads | options


joni biodegradable bamboo pads are free of pesticides, dyes, toxins, latex, formaldehyde, and fragrances. All joni pads are OEKO-TEXᡫ, ECOCERT & USDA Organic certified, chlorine free, chemical free, antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Chlorine and Dioxin bleach free. Individually wrapped in BPI-certified compostable wrapper. Recyclable box packaging. 92% biodegradable under standard composting conditions (joni is cotinuously testing out materials to achieve 100%). 

Ingredients: Natural corn, organic bamboo, wood pulp, polymer, plant based PLA & PBAT, food-grade adhesive.

Liners: The everyday warriors of pads, these ultra-thin and comfortable joni Ecocert organic bamboo liners will make you forget you're wearing them. 24 liners in a box. Recommended for Light flow or extra daily protection. 

Regular: joni Organic Bamboo Regular Pads that are ultra thin, winged, ultra-comfortable, provide stay-put protection and know that you're doing your body, your community, and the planet a solid! 12 pads in a box and recommended for light to medium flow.

Super: The joni Organic Bamboo Super Pads are extra thin, winged, and super flexible for ultra-comfortable, stay-put protection. When one has a medium to heavy flow, joni night can be counted on! 10 night pads in a box. Medium to heavy menstration flow.

Overnight: The mother of all pads, joni overnight Ecocert organic bamboo pads are extra thin, winged, and super flexible for ultra-comfortable, stay-put protection for those super heavy duration's. Featuring two sets of adhesive wings to provide additional support. 8 overnight pads come in a box. Recommended for heavy to super heavy flow.