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Jojoba Oil | Certified Organic


This product is available online in prefilled dispensers or containers that include the package price. Bring your own container to the shop to refill and save.

Refill price by weight: $12/100g, or $5.76 per 1oz/60mL

The Product: Jojoba oil is a versatile oil that can be used in a myriad of ways - as a nutrient-rich skin serum for face and body oil, for nails, and for hair. It is an excellent alternative for many beauty products that contain additional ingredients that complicate things and add environmental and health based issues.

Certified organic - this is an upgrade from our previous golden jojoba oil.

A little goes a long way - add just a few drops for a facial serum, or to hair. Add more if needed.

This product is also a key ingredient in many DIY simple recipes to help you save and become more self sufficient with your beauty routine.

From a Canadian, female and Indigenous owned company.