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Oxygen Whitener


Why consider a change: as a conventional bleach alternative, this product can work very effectively without creating a long term impact in the environment. It is lightly scented with lemon essential oil, so there is no strong chlorine or chemical fume off-gassed into your home or natural environment.

The Product: a natural cleaning product that can help whiten your clothing as an alternative to bleach. Adding a couple scoops of this natural and safe bleach alternative to the toilet bowl before scrubbing with a toilet brush can remove stubborn stains. 

This product is available for in-store refill with your own container at a savings of $2 per kg. The options here include the container price as well. Bring your own container to the shop to try a small amount of this product to test it out for your needs, or stock up!

A 1L mason jar size of this product/950g is approximately 48 uses, depending on the application of this product.

Ingredients: sodium percarbonate, sodium carbonate (washing soda), citric acid, citrus limonum (lemon) oil

The Company: Eralume is a woman owned and operated small shop that makes their products in Barrie, Ontario.