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Produce + Bread Saver Bag | Unbleached


This Produce Saver Bag by Plantish uses all-natural, unseeded (undyed/natural), and unbleached cotton that efficiently pulls away excess moisture, keeping your produce hydrated and free from toxic chemicals ensuring your produce stays fresh for an extra 14 days.

Unlike plastic or foil alternatives, which trap extra moisture inside and can cause quick rotting or molds, they also release toxic chemicals that pose potential health risks.

Tailored to accommodate a diverse range of fruits, veggies, leafy greens; it can also be used as a bread bag.

Dimensions: 42 cm x 52 cm (flap open) | Made in Canada

This item comes package and tag free - please wash upon receiving! Washing with chemical free detergents (see our range if you're curious!) is essential for this item to ensure they do not then leach into the food stored in the fabric.

Care Tips: machine washable in cold water. Air dry. Avoid bleaching