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Bentonite Clay | Pure + Package-free


The Product: Bentonite clay occurs naturally in nature and is revered for its ability to hold skin softening and exfoliating properties. Used in DIY products or as a mask, it draws impurities from the body. Due to its ability to absorb large quantities of water, a little of this clay will go a long way.

Create a detoxing facial mask (or armpit mask when going through the detox period for your underarms if switching away from antiperspirant) by adding ACV, honey, water, yogurt, etc. to create a paste. Apply, leave on, and then wash off. No worries about any of these natural products going down the drain, and no plastic packaging for single use masks or containers!

Please note that bentonite clay should not be stirred with a metal spoon (use a popsicle stick, silicone facial mask applicator, wood spoon or plastics) or stored in a container with a metal lid, as the properties in the clay will interact with the metal and deteriorate some of its natural detoxification abilities.

Packaging: If purchasing online, this product will come packaged in a paper baggie at a pre-measured/selected amount that can be transferred to a more air/water tight solution once home. In store, you can bring your own container. We suggest saving a plastic container from your recycling.

Please note that naturally occurring clays cannot be “certified organic” in the USA.  The term “organic” is reserved for items that are grown in a field under organic supervision.  Our Bentonite Clay is 100% pure with no added fillers – but since it doesn’t meet the FDA’s requirement of being field grown, it’s not certifiable.  

Disclaimer: consuming clay seems to be very popular these days.  None of our staff are trained in the medical field, so all questions related to this topic should be presented to your primary care physician.  We are unable to provide any sort of information on that topic.