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Pure Laundry Soap Powder Detergent


The Soap Works Pure Laundry Soap Powder is a pure soap product containing borax – it keeps clothes softer and colours last longer. This is organic, biodegradable and non-polluting. This soap powder contains no detergents, and does not require the use of anti-static or fabric softeners

Privately run retirement homes have found that this product has many benefits over commercial detergents. Washing bed linens in pure soap powder instead of commercial detergents resulted in fewer bed sores and irritated skin for their residents. Since many of the residents are bed-ridden, washing bed clothes with soap instead of detergent meant a world of comfort and improved well being for the residents. Soap Works Laundry Soap may cost a little more per load compared to detergents, but soap does not need fabric softener or anti-static treatments so you save the cost of these additives. Your clothes will feel softer and your colours will last longer when you wash your clothes with soap.

Ingredients: Sodium tallowate, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Borate

1.8kg (50-60 loads)