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Reusable Organic GOTS Tea Bags | Set of 3


Why consider a change: using conventional tea bags releases innumerable micro plastics into your tea once hot or boiling water has been poured over the plastic bags. Many tea bags are not compostable and are made with bleached paper or plastics. Choose loose leaf tea and reusable tea strainers or bags can save a lot of unnecessary waste.

The Product: A package of 3 100% Organic GOTs Fabric Tea Bags with a Balancing Stick by Your Green Kitchen, a female-owned and Canadian-made small shop.

Each tea bag is 3"x3" in size and comes with a bamboo balancing stick to hang over your cup.

How to Use: Fill the tea bag with loose leaf tea, then simply poke the stick through your tea bag and balance it over your cup, immersing the tea bag in hot water. Let the tea infuse and lift the stick to remove from your tea cup.

Care: Hand wash/rinse and let dry flat or on a drying rack. Please note that tea bags will discolour with the use of tea.

Made in Canada by hand.