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Safety Razor Blades | Canadian made Steel


Made of 100% stainless steel, these blades are infinitely recyclable and made in Canada. Many packets of safety razor blades come in plastic cartridges and packaging still, and these come wrapped in a paper envelope by Canadian company Well Kept.

Package of 20 blades

These double-edge, stainless steel safety razor blades glide over your skin, reducing irritation and ingrown hairs. They’re plastic free and cost cents rather than dollars. Furthermore, you can use them with any standard safety razor and recycle them with a blade bank.

  • one single, sharp blade reduces irritation and ingrown hairs
  • made without drying soap strips or plastic
  • we recommend switching out your blades after 5-8 shaves
  • recycle your safety razor blades with a blade bank (or make your own with a metal can, sealing it prior to putting the full can in the recycling)

You may have noticed a change in the blades we are offering - while all safety razor blades fit a variety of razor makes and models (except the Leaf pivoting razor), all blades are not made in Canada of 100% stainless steel. We have changed our sourcing to a Canadian made company to decrease the carbon footprint of overseas shipping + ensure fair wages/working conditions within production.