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Shy Wolf Candles


Shy Wolf's 8 oz candles are made from North American soy wax and burn for 40-50 hours. Hand-poured in Grey Highlands, Ontario, with fine, phthalate-free fragrances into amber glass with a metal screw-top lid.

Gold Dust Woman: incense, nag champa, nutmeg - smells like listening to your scratched rumours record in the middle of the night, surrounded by incense while you read your birth chart. 

Sweet EmotionSmoke, bourbon, vanilla. The scent of sneaking out to your best friend's older brother's campfire with a mickey of whiskey hidden in your boot. A memory of shouting over the crackling bonfire when Aerosmith comes on the pickup truck speaker, telling them to turn it up. 

Take it Easy: lilac, cucumber + green tea - smells like driving through your hometown block with the windows down in the middle of spring; like bunches of lilacs that you mom picked from the garden, with notes of cucumber and green tea.

Tiny Dancer: Agave, cactus flower, rose. The scent of that perfume you wore on the road trip you took with your older sister after high school graduation. That feeling of your hand out the window, catching new breezes, Elton John on the AM dial. 

Sympathy for the Devil: Cassia, allspice, hemp seed. The spicy scent of rock n roll rebellion, freedom in an old Ford Mustang, old records scattered on the floor, the alluring possibility of the fun kind of danger.

More than a Feeling: sweet blackberry + ripe raspberry - smells like the summer between 11 and 12th grade, daydreaming about your crush, turning up the radio as ya munch on toast with the jam your grandma made with the berries you picked with your sister.

Come Together: brown sugar, warm spices, smoked myrrh - the smell of seeing loved ones come through your front door for the first time in far too long.

Free Fallin’: peaches, blood orange, goji berry - smells like your first young love in the heat of the summer.

Wheel of Fortune: grapefruit, vetiver and sandalwood. Step into a realm of mystery and new beginnings with these bright and balancing notes.  

The Sun: citrus, tobacco and cedar. The Sun invites you to feel the universe’s cosmic forces aligning with your path as it illuminates your journey with a sense of purpose and joy, empowering you to embrace life’s infinite possibilities. 

The Moon: eucalyptus, spearmint, rosemary - smells like relaxing in a spa as you take a moment to practice some self-care. The Moon invites you to unveil the illusions and deceptions that surround you and encourages you to embrace trust and unveil hidden truths.

The Star: raw honey, cocoa butter and cinnamon. he Star invites you to ignite a deep connection to the cosmic energy and abundant wonders that surround you as you embark on your journey of inner light and a brighter future.