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Silicone Reusable Eye Masks


Infinitely reusable, and made with medical grade silicone. Pair these with any eye cream, serum or moisturizer to lock in hydration, plump and depuff.

Unlike regular single-use eye masks, these are made with nonabsorbent silicone allowing all of your creams or serums to soak directly into your skin instead of the mask itself, maximizing your skincare. Silicone is also an earth-happy option, as silicone can be burned to dispose of it at the end of its useful life with no toxic byproducts.

After each use, simply wash and return them to their metal storage tin (also infinitely recyclable, unlike plastics and mixed materials).

How to use your masks: Cleanse and moisturize your skin and use these masks before applying any sunscreen or makeup.

Made in the United States