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Skin Food | Whole Food Skin Salve


The Product: A cult fave by The New New Age - a nourishing, hydrating, and protective whole food skin salve.

The ultimate nourishment for our bodies' largest organ. Skin Food features organic virgin coconut oil, raw cacao butter and unrefined, treatment-free beeswax from bee-keepers within Ontario.

Ingredients: organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, wildcrafted cacao butter, treatment-free unrefined beeswax (wax, honey, pollen), organic vanilla bean.

All ingredients are either permaculturally grown, ethically wildcrafted or certified organic.

Due to the nature of coconut oil and the natural ingredients in our Skin Food, this product may become liquid when exposed to warmer temperatures. Make sure the lid is secure when shipping or traveling. To solidify product, place in fridge for a few hours and remove, or store product in fridge in warmer climates. 

150g in a metal and glass container.