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Stainless Steel Gua Sha


Gua Sha is an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine tool, that has been practiced for centuries.

The tool promotes lymphatic drainage, deeply massages the skin and increases blood flow and circulation. It can lift and firm skin over time, decrease puffiness, relieve tension, soften fine lines, and promote circulation and skin tone.

Stainless steel is naturally cooling and can be placed in the freezer for use when cold for additional benefits.

Use on cleansed skin with a facial oil to prevent tugging.

Care: Hygienic stainless steel is non porous compared to stone Gua Shas. We recommend cleaning after each use with water and soap. Because it is stainless steel, it can also be heated to clean it and safe to place in the dishwasher.

End of life + packaging: Comes in a reusable fabric bag for easy storing and transporting. High quality stainless steel is meant to last a life time, but it is also fully recyclable.

Made in Canada, from a female-owned small shop