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Reusable Super Pad


The Product: one reusable heavy or overnight pad by Aisle, made in Canada! Reusable pads can be used long term for better personal and environmental health.

1 reusable super pad with snap closure in a paperboard box, plastic free | Aisle sends us assorted solid green, red, or black pads and this item may be any of those colours.

Care: These pads are machine washable, but you may wish to rinse after use or soak in water and vinegar with other reusable menstrual pads prior to washing (this can be helpful for some HE washers that use less water in rinsing). While they can be placed in the dryer, for longevity we recommend air drying. Sunshine is a great way to naturally sanitize the pad, as well. 

Ingredients:Top: 95% cotton 5% spandex jersey Backing: PUL laminated 95% cotton 5% spandex jersey Padding: polyester Closure: poly-resin snap

Made by Aisle, formerly known as Lunapads | Women owned and operated since 1993, Aisle products are made in Vancouver and are Canada's best selling brand of cloth menstrual pads. If you're curious and haven't used these before, shoot us your questions!