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Tan Spritz | Bronzed by B


Bronzed by B's Tan Spritz is a locally made, clear tan solution with organic rose water and botanicals to create a fresh, dewy skin tone on your face and body.

  • non comedogenic
  • derived from plant sources
  • buildable for desired depth of tan
  • easy to use
  • can be used for facial tanning, faded out spots or covered up areas to even out a spray tan or tan lines, or to prep and set skin prior to makeup application

Packaged in an amber bottle with plastic sprayer - you can bring this bottle back for reuse! We work closely with Kelly (one of our awesome customers) and organize pickups of our orders as we are delivering to her.

To Use: mist 2-3 sprays on skin (like toner) and leave to dry - no need to rinse; this will develop over 4-12 hours

Ingredients: Aqua, clear glow tan solution, organic rose water + skin loving botanicals.