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Local Beeswax Candles | variety


Why consider a change: These candles come package free, avoiding the waste and packaging (and glitter, etc) of some conventional candles. Many cheap fragrance blends and paraffin wax combinations burn a carcinogenic substance into your home environment, which beeswax naturally cleanses your environment as it burns hotter and purer than many types of wax.

The Product: These beautiful handmade beeswax candles will bring intention to your quiet moments. Beeswax candles are the cleanest burning, purest natural form of home comfort that you can have to offer up sustainability for the environment, and safety for your family. Made so close to home in Tamworth.

100% Beeswax - handcrafted in Tamworth, Ontario.

Tapers are sold in sets of 2 (around 8" tall each) with a piece of twine

Note: Coloration of wax will vary based on what the bees are foraging.

The Company: The Bee Spot is an apiary and flower fields in Tamworth, Ontario, run by a local family. Check out their honey fields in the spring to fall months!