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Well Kept Safety Razors | cream, rose, black, kelp


Why consider a change: over one million plastic razors are thrown away each year, with no possibility of recycling any of the plastic or metal. As they become more and more expensive and we become more aware of the impact, an old fashioned shave returns.

The Product: This weighty brass razor offers a smooth, irritation-free shave for every part of the body.

It’s made in Canada, lasts for a long (long) time, and works with standard safety razor blades.

It comes with one stainless steel blade that reduces irritation and ingrown hairs - blades cost cents rather than dollars - recycle your blades with a blade bank and store them safely until recycling day.

Our safety razor isn’t complicated, you just have to get to know it. There are step-by-step videos to get you started on our socials, but time is your best friend when it comes to learning how to shave your body. Close the door, run the water, be gentle.

Made in Canada