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"The Rookie" Butterfly Safety Razor


Why consider a change? Millions of plastic razors are thrown away every year, with no hope of ever being broken down into their various parts to be recycled. Safety razors were used prior to the birth of plastic, and are made to last. Buy one razor handle and use it forever - the blades are stainless steel and endless recyclable. Plus, you'll notice an improved shave and a definite cost savings.

The best razor to start out with: if you're afraid of the blade insertion/removal, and worried to try this out and not love it, or that you'll drop it while in use, this is the one for you.

With a butterfly razor, the bottom piece of the handle twists so that the top of the razor 'opens up' like a butterfly, allowing you to easily drop a blade down inside, or lift a blade out (placing your fingers on the outer edges of the blade) simply. The ridged handle provides that extra ability to grip the stainless steel in the shower or as it gets wet.

Blade Style: With a safety razor, there's only one blade, but it is on either side of the head of the razor, so you get some more longevity out of each blade. A closer and smoother shave happens with this set up, as usually the dual and triple blades in most conventional razors are just dragging on the skin after the first blade has done its job, which increases skin irritation and issues.

The Rookie is set to Rockwell's most gentle setting - making it nearly impossible to cut yourself, even when shaving sensitive areas. This style of shaving eliminates ingrown hairs, shaving acne, and irritation while providing an incredibly smooth shave.

Packaging + Inclusions: This razor come plastic packaging free in a paper cardboard box. This razor comes with a 5-pack of Rockwell Double-Edge Blades and our shaving tips and care card. See our blade bank for used blade storage, additional blade packs, alum matches, and more to support your new shaving routine.

Made from stainless steel alloy for a long-lasting, rust-proof shaving tool.

See this blog post for more information about getting started with a safety razor.